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Picture No 224. Courtesy of John Duguid Ross .
Year: 1946

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German u-boat at Invergordon harbour

Duguid wrote " photo of German U-boat U.776 at Invergordon harbour between the wars". Can anyone identify the people on board or help with the date?
Picture added on 02 October 2006.


U776 (type viic) was commissioned in 1944 being a later version it had no forward 88mm deck gun.
this u boat seems to be fitted with a snorkel, a late development. u776 surrendered in may 1945. It became the british submarine n65, used for tests prior to being scuttled. It may have been in Invergordon in its role as n65, open to the public.

Added by on 05 September 2006.

Hi Norman, nice to hear from you. Thanks for the information. We'll change the date to 1946.

Where are you based now? I'm still in Invergordon and still working. Noreen

Added by Ann & Noreen (Administrators) on 05 September 2006.

To Administrators: Hi Noreen, resident in Aberdeen for many years. Enjoyed browsing this site and the Image Library.
Added by on 06 September 2006.

Glad you enjoy browsing the site, Norman. It's pretty time-consuming trying to keep up with photographs at the moment. The artists are going at such a speed. There are 4 working here just now and Ann and I are just amateurs at this caper. Noreen
Added by Ann & Noreen (Administrators) on 07 September 2006.

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