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Comments and suggestions from visitors to the site.

"Emma whoever I have painted over 100 murals and have never had one touched"

10 October 2007
"i think that the money you paid to painted the murals could of gone to pay for something else to be done in invergordon, give it a few years and the murals will be painted over by kids you should of wright washed the walls it would of been much better i have talked to alot of people in invergordon and they said the same as me wasted of money the murals are, it is ok for people who just visit invergordon to see them but they dont live here to see them all the time it is eye sore sorry for sayin all this but i dont lie i say what i mean ."

10 September 2007
"My sisters and I thoroughly enjoyed viewing your murals during our visit in August.
The Fire Fire one was so realistic we could almost feel the heat!!"

06 September 2007
"Re Billy Taylor Concert party in the 1940's. Have a look at picture 152, Concert party at Stalag 21, please and if it's the same photo could you name the people. If you have a different picture we'd be delighted to put it on the site. You could email it or post it to Invergordon off the Wall 70 High Street Invergordon IV18 0JX. We would scan it in and then return it to you. For some reason we appear to have lost your email address, so please keep in touch."

14 May 2007
"I have a Photograph of the Billy Taylor Concert party in the 1940, S.? if you are interested."

14 May 2007
"Brilliant - I am most impressed. The photos are particularly great. Keep up the hard work! "

31 May 2006

06 April 2006
"Loved the site. Have been away from InverG by the sea for many years now. Made me homesick. You realise it's real beauty when you are away. Will have to revisit soon. Keep up the good work. L.Johnston"

04 April 2006
"Fantastic to keep the memories alive. What a disaster they were allowed to demolish the hospital. You would have thought that One ward could have been kept as a museum. Then again look at the job they have done in demolishing the High Street. And that WAS still servicable."

18 September 2005

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