The Royal National Lifeboat Institution opened the Invergordon Lifeboat Station during the summer of 1974, as part of its policy to provide more intensive Lifeboat coverage of the North East Coast of Scotland.

Prior to havinga lifeboat station in Invergordon, the Cromarty lifeboat station which opened in 1911 and closed in 1968 covered the area. Between 1875 and 1911 a lifeboat stationed at Nairn also covered the inner Moray Firth area.

Volunteer crew on relief Trent class lifeboat
Volunteer crew on relief Trent
class lifeboat
The crew members of the Invergordon Lifeboat are all volunteers and at any time, and in any weather conditions, could be called upon to launch the Lifeboat and go to the aid of somebody in difficulty at sea.

There is a strong commitment to achieve this aim and the crew receive admirable support from both family and employers to provide this service to the Lifeboat and the community.

Local companies which recently received letters of gratitude and appreciation from the RNLI for permitting employees to be released from their place of work for the humanitarian task of saving lives at sea were;

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